An art entirely made in Italy, the one suggested by the studio and research of "Bluestein innovative coverings", an enterprise near Bergamo.
The firm has actually 5 lines with which conceives floorings, coverings and pieces of interior decoration, playing with light, transparence and depht.

Steel Program: floorings, coverings, stairs and special manufacturings, which have announced in advance the today's fashion trends and the "high tech" style. This line can be combined with the other Bluestein's glass lines.

Emozioni: steel mosaics that nowadays decorate prestigious places and let planners and architects forget matter's technical limits and set planning fantasy free, beyond usual borders.

Fashionglass: floorings and coverings, stairs and tops, which contain fragments of coloured or neutral glass. It's the showiest line, born of a long research, based on the handicrafts made in Italy.

Metalglass: steel, copper and glass joined to extralight glass , lend this material : strength, transparence and depth , uniques of their kind.All this to realize floorings, coverings, stairs, tops and decorations, keeping the metal colour inalterated in the time.

Texilglass: the line of glamorous , antifire fabric and leatherette, stratified with extralight glass, in order to obtain fllorings, coverings, stairs, tops and decorations. In this way the planning horizons extend through unique decorations. Every surface attains the best expressive capacity, changing into real jewels. A touch of luxury and glamour.. Bluestein's products may be used to realize: hotels, banks, coffe lounges, show rooms, discos, restaurants... These places will gain in charm and glamour...